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About Me

My name is Sharon Farthing and I am based in the Suffolk area. I have an in-depth and varied knowledge of health, fitness and well-being, having served in the Royal Navy for 10 years as a physical training instructor, responsible for the health and well-being of the ships' company.

In a world where we are surrounded by unrealistic ideals of the perfect body, fad diets and thousands of products promising the 'quick fix'.

The pressure is so much, and these unsustainable habits often lock us into endless circles with minimal results.

Health and Well-being

Now, as a qualified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, I realise how important balanced nutrition and overall well-being are to our everyday performance. I can work one to one with my clients to help them make permanent changes for a more sustainable and long-term healthier lifestyle.

We will examine how to adjust and balance your nutrition for better overall health – for the body and mind.

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"Sharon has a unique style and is a true professional."

Positive Lifestyle

I have always been intrigued by the limits of the human body and strive to maintain a healthy body and mind.

I craved a more realistic approach to gain a more positive lifestyle and decided to complete an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management.

Working closely with clients and developing a realistic plan tailored to their needs means they can achieve personal goals with my support.

If you are interested in making changes to your nutrition to benefit you and your family, then please get in contact by emailing

Healthy food tips to get you started

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A well-balanced diet containing all our essential nutrients is essential for us to be firing on all cylinders and can help you feel your best mentally and physically.

It doesn’t have to be about fat loss; there are many other reasons to balance our food intake, such as tiredness, fatigue, recovery, illness, running down, and generally wanting to feel better and good about yourself.

For our bodies to work efficiently, we need to obtain the right balance of nutrients in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, water, vitamins and minerals. I can help you achieve that balance.

Using the latest nutrition software, I analyse your weekly dietary consumption and support you in making real changes that will work and last a lifetime.

Our Progammes

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Initial Consultation


Nutrition 8 Week Course


Personal Training

Reach Out

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Consultations last up to 1 hr to allow time to discuss you and your requirements and give insight into your current health, symptoms and lifestyle.

We will take time to understand your goals and propose a strategy that we can work on and ensure you have as much support as needed.

Here we discuss the course and the systems used and from this, you can decide if the programme would suit you.

Our Client Testimonials


I have an arthritic condition called ankylosis spondylitis which is incurable.

With Sharon's help, I have changed my diet and I lost a lot of weight which helps with my mobility and diabetes. My stamina, strength and mental health has improved exponentially.

My condition will continue to get worse, my general way of life is only getting better thanks to Sharon's continued help and support.

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I was blown away at my initial consultation, Sharon made me feel so comfortable, it felt like I was sitting there chatting to a mate, I was relieved that there was no faddy diet to master, just a simple case of calorie counting and education.

There was also no pressure to sign up either, that said I felt that I had met my person and wanted to get started straight away. By the end of four weeks I was well on way to my first stone, the inches were coming off & because

I had mixed up my diet with so much of the good stuff I also felt great….shout out to the goji berries, apricots & chia seeds!

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Shelly was ready in her mind to turn things around and start with a more positive lifestyle.

She quickly took to the food tracker and found that she was in control and enjoyed the accountability, meeting me every week.

With little steps food-wise and being more active and energised, Shelly is steaming along and loving life. So far she has lost 3 stones.

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I started to see Sharon as I suffered from fatigue, and the weight had crept on.

Working shifts, it's easy to grab food at times without consideration.

I am on a fantastic journey with Sharon.

I have lost my goal of 2 stones and getting back comfortably into my old clothes.

I have a better understanding of foods and how to live, as I like the odd takeaway!

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I have been running for three years, but although my fitness was improving, my weight was still fluctuating.

I've always had a weight problem, and before I started running, I went up to 20 stone.

I started training for a marathon and called on Sharon's help for nutrition advice and a lifestyle change, and she didn't disappoint.

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I was browsing through Sharon’s website, thinking, is it worth the money? My friend had had recent success with Sharon, and noticing how her mental attitude had changed towards food, I took the plunge and contacted Sharon.

After our first consultation, Sharon had set me up with her app and had discussed my goals; I told her my target weight and that I just wanted to be happier and healthier.

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I went to see Sharon because I had lost my way with some unhealthy habits and was feeling very heavy at the beginning of the year.

I wanted to feel good and in control again.

Sharon is good at getting to the point identifying habits and giving you different ideas and options. The tracking opens your eyes and keeps you focused and accountable.

I’m now back, firing on all cylinders and working out 4 times a week with more energy and a positive mind.

Sharon is brilliant at connecting to everyone in whatever way they need.

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Sharon is very encouraging and has great ideas to help with snacking habits. The app she provides keeps you in check, opens your eyes to what your body requires, and makes you think about foods and their nutritional value.

The results have been great for both my husband and me, and we are the lightest we have been for years and feel so much happier, healthier and energised

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